Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Achieve Quit Smoking Cigarettes (QSC) a cigarette?
A. No. The filter tip on your cigarette is all that Achieve QSC is made of. The tobacco is removed and replaced with all
cigarette filter material

Q. Can I use Achieve QSC to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and quit addictive vapor from e cigarettes?
A. Yes. When enjoying Achieve QSC you will never inhale dangerous smoke or addictive nicotine. Making it easy to quit
cigarettes for good

Q. Is there nicotine in Achieve QSC?
A. No.

Q. Do I inhale vapor when using Achieve QSC?
A. No.

Q. What do I inhale when I puff on Achieve QSC?
A. Oxygen. Air

Q. Can I use Achieve QSC with other stop smoking products such as Patches, Gums and Lozenges?
A. Yes. Achieve QSC helps all other stop smoking products work better and let you quit smoking for good.

Q. Can I use Achieve QSC if I also vapor on an E Cig?
A. E cigs are not for smoking cessation. If you vapor with e cigs you can also use Achieve QSC to wean off nicotine and quit cigarettes and E Cigs.

Q. Do I light Achieve QSC?
A. No. You do not light Achieve QSC. There is also no heating elements or batteries. No need to worry about Achieve
QSC blowing up in your face like may happen from E Cigs.

Q. What is Achieve QSC made of
A. The same cigarette filter material found on the tip every cigarette made.

Q. Who should use Achieve QSC?
A. Anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes and anyone who craves nicotine.

Q. How does Achieve QSC work?
A. Use the Achieve QSC as you would a real cigarette. Just DO NOT LIGHT! The moment you put it in you had you will know what to do with it. It’s simple, hold like a real cigarette, puff like a real cigarette and inhale like a real cigarette. The best thing is you can there’s no dangerous smoke, no addictive nicotine, just enjoy.

Q. Does Achieve QSC produce smoke or vapor?
A. No

Q. Why is Achieve QSC the best to quit smoking?
A. Every time you hold an Achieve QSC in your hand it is one less tobacco cigarette you will smoke and E Cig you will vapor. When using Patches, Gums and Lozenges to quit smoking, Achieve QSC assists you to quit smoking for good.

Q. Can I use Achieve QSC anywhere?
A. Yes. Achieve QSC is accepted everywhere!

Q. What flavors are available?
A. No flavors are in Achieve QSC. Even with no flavor, most people who use Achieve say it taste like a regular cigarette (the power of the mind). At this time there are no plans to add flavoring. In the future there may be menthol and tobacco flavors added to the product line. Register you email address with us for up dates

Q. How much money does Achieve QSC cost compared to other stop smoking products?
A. If you are consistently using other stop smoking products it will cost you close to $100.00 a month. A month supply of Achieve QSC is about $20.00. Achieve will save you $80.00 a month. That a lot of cash.