Achieve Quit Smoking Mild Menthol Pack

Mild Methol Fake Cigarettes

Achieve Quit Smoking Mild Menthol Pack


Achieve Quit Smoking Mild Menthol Pack contains 6 individual “fake cigarettes” and 1 reusable pouch. The product is intended to be used over a course of a month by people who are looking to successfully quit smoking.



Achieve Quit Smoking offers a safe and effective way to quit smoking. Our Cigarette substitute looks, feels, and draws like a real cigarette, but does not contain any nicotine, tobacco, tar, or vapor. It can be used with any other smoking cessation product such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy since it does not contain any harmful substances. Each Achieve package contains 6 individual Mild Menthol flavored “fake cigarettes” and 1 reusable pouch. Please take two hard draws to activate the mild menthol flavoring. Quit just the way you started: Hold, Puff, and Achieve


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